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Benefits of Using Sugarcane Fiber Food Containers
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Benefits of Using Sugarcane Fiber Food Containers

As a consumer, you know how important it is to choose products that are made of sustainable and natural materials, for example, our sugarcane fiber food containers. Made of 100% natural materials, they’re also compostable and food-safe! Here’s why this makes our products the ideal choice for your home and office:

Sugarcane fiber is a 100% natural material

Sugarcane fiber is a natural and renewable resource that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Also, sugarcane fiber food containers are food contact safe.

This material has high mechanical strength and thermal resistance, which makes it a great alternative to plastic containers for either hot or cold food. Its feature of food contact safe makes it a viable option for restaurants expecting offering healthier options.

Sugarcane fiber is sustainable and compostable

Sugarcane fiber is a renewable resource—a way to benefiting the earth. Being compostable, they will eventually break down into fertilizer for plants and soil, allowing you to dispose of your sugarcane fiber food containers in the proper manner. This makes waste disposal beneficial for the environment.

Sugarcane fiber is food contact safe

Approved by the FDA, USDA, and EU, sugarcane fiber is food contact safe. It is a 100% natural product that comes from sugarcane stalks and has no additives or chemicals added to it.

Sugarcane fiber is also antimicrobial, which means that it helps prevent mold growth in your containers. This can be especially helpful for people with allergies or sensitivities to certain types of foods and ingredients that may have been contaminated with mold spores (for example, if you have an allergy to wheat flour).

Sugarcane fiber is the perfect alternative for people who want to avoid plastic but have trouble finding products that are eco-friendly and compostable. Sugarcane fiber is also biodegradable. Such materials will break down into smaller pieces over time, which can then be used by living organisms (such as bacteria or fungi) as a food source.

Sugarcane fiber packaging is an excellent and sustainable alternative to plastic packaging. It is 100% natural material and can be composted after use.



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